Working with the Pain of Separation: Caring and Mourning at a Distance by Jeanne Denney

Jeanne Denney MA, P.E., one of our Art of Dying Threshold Circle members is offering a wonderful guide, Working with the Pain of Separation: Caring and Mourning at a Distance which you can download for free below. 

All over the world people are finding themselves separated from sick or dying loved ones who they can’t touch or speak to in normal ways. If death comes, they may not be able to travel to a funeral, mourn with others, or feel the deep consolation of hugs, kisses and tangible presence.  The pain of this is profound and visceral. Technology may be offered as a possible solution, but it is not always available, nor is it enough.  We must find other ways to connect with people in need or who have died. 

Fortunately there are means even beyond Zoom. Included in this guide is what the dying and those in grief have taught me about presence, communication, and what you can do to help those in need.

Please visit Jeanne’s website for more information about her and her practice. 

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